Why home business could save you money

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Hello my name David, I like to talk about my experience on why I think home business will save you money on repair and the different between home and shop repairs.

First off is the cost, did you know the average rent cost in Portsmouth for a shop is between £9,000 & £24,000 per year!
Yes that right £9,000 to £24,000 per year just to rent a space.
Then you need a permit £1500, insurance £298, utilities £670 bring a total of £2,468 per year on top of rent.

All these things need to be added in to the cost to repair your device, but as a home repair we don’t have all these extra cost, saving you money and making it worth fixing your device.

If you look below, you will see the different between a shop cost and a home business cost.

***all cost are ball park figure base on my experience and doing research***

Shop cost for Xbox one series X
HDMI port replacement
  • Between £60 to £90
Shop cost for laptop no power repair
  • between £120 to £250
Home cost for Xbox one series X
HDMI port replacement
  • Between £45 to £60
Home cost for laptop no power repair
  • between £80 to £180

Although home repair can save you money, it not exactly out in the public to see like a shop would.
This is the problem I face myself, how do I get the public attention.

With price increasing all over the world I can’t help but wonder, when will it come to a stage when shops can no longer afford the price to keep them self afloat and when or if that will happen to me one day.

Lastly, If shops did close down all over the world, will repairing devices be a forgotten world and lands start to fill with devices?
Is home repair business the new norm?
Let me know what you think in the comment below.

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