List of some devices I can fix

Fixing all types of PC.


Fixing all type of Laptops.


Fixing Monitor from LCD to LED.


Broken graphic card let me have a look at it.

Graphic card

fixing all types of console.

Game console

Got a retro console no longer work bring to me and let me work my magic.

retro game console

Fixing all type of hand held console Gameboy to switch to Sage bring it along.

Hand held console

Picture of a game console controller


Kitchen Appliances or tools I could fix it saving you money on buying a new one.


Got a circuit board or PCB that needs repair, Send it to me and I will put magic fingers work.

Circuit board / PCB

Need data recovery, let me take a look and see what I can do.

Hard drive

Power supply not the easier to fix but let me take a look.

Power supply

Picture of a tablet


Smart phone repair why waste money on buying a new one.

Smart Phones

costing £1000s to buy but little to fix send it my way.


broken key fob that a £1000 for new one or let me fix it costing next to nothing.

Key fob

Medical devices