Frequently Asked Question

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Yes, I can provide you with an estimate based on the information you have given to me about your device.
Feel free to contact me via our form or TXT to ask for an estimate to repair for your device.
Also keep in mind, that estimates are a ball-park cost based on the information I have receive about your device.

Yes, most repairs are covered by a 60-day warranty, given that your device is having the same issues you sent it in for.
Customer is only responsible for getting the device back to me, and I will re-diagnose and re-attempt to fix it at no extra charge.

Device that has comes with it own part replacement or had a prior repair attempts from other companies are not covered by the warranty
as we can not guarantee the quality of the components in order to be satisfied with the level of components or guarantee the level of work carried out by prior repair attempt from another company

If the device find in resultant breakage occurs in a clumsy fashion the warranty is VOID
I will attempt to contact you with a new fix price in this case.

50/50 percent chance
All decive have a 50/50 percent chance… But like everyone else I have limitation​ on how far I can go
In some case I will look at a device and wont be able to fix it or the cost to fix it will out weight the cost of buying a replacement.

I will sometimes ask clients for personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, or phone number.
Providing me with your information will simply help me locate your account, provide technical support and answer your questions.

I do not sell, rent, or give away personal information to other companies.

For your convenience and added security, all information submitted thru any web forms are encrypted.

I do not see or store credit card information.

After payment been made
I will keep hold of repair device until the repair fee has been paid after that we will arrange for the device to be picked up.

In most cased after the repair.
But sometimes I have to order parts that cost quite a bit and takes time to get to me so I may ask for HALF of the repair fee up front.
Water damage or prior repair attempts from other companies are under the  repair attempt fee   and this HAS to be paid upfront before I start any repair attempt.

For long term no BUT for data recovery yes
Let me explain.
The drive broken and it broke for a reason… In a long term fix… The chance of it breaking again is very high.
That why when I do a data recovery on broken drives it short term for recovery only and I am quick about getting the data when I do get it working.

Data is copied to a USB storage drive and I will send back both the broken drive and the recovery USB storage drive.
I DO NOT recommend you use the broken drive after it is returned to you

All drives are only data recovery not repair jobs

I currently accept all major debit and credit card options for repairs.
If you have any further questions on this, please feel free to use my contact form to reach out to me.

I accept PayPal I accept american express by bank transfer I accept master card by bank transfer I accept Visa by bank transfer

Say I got a device that has a power issues… I find the fault as soon as we open up the device from a blown cap…
I happened to have that cap in stock so I don’t have to order it… so solder off the broken cap and solder the new one on… it fix
this device has taken lets say 45 mins.
Now we have another device a Broken power port… I don’t have the part and look it up… The one we want has to come from China which could take a couple of weeks even a month…
Then the board it self the broken power port also has ripped pads that another 2 hours or more to restore the missing pads…
It all depends on what part we need and if I have that part or how badly is it damage… It could be 5 mins or a couple of weeks.

Some times I received a device that has water damage or prior repair attempts from other companies.
These are not guarantee fix and in most case will takes hours to work on which could be spent on working 3 or 4 other devices.
That why I charge repair attempt fee to any water damage device or prior repair attempts device. (by person, robot, yourself, company or any other repair attempt)
Repair attempt fee is £65 for all device’s.

If the device is fixable, I will deduct the £65 repair attempt fee from the cost of repair and invoice you for the remaining amount for the repair.
If it is not fixable I will let you know and return the device to you.