Sometimes devices fail without warning, and a lot of the time it costs so much for a replacement.
That is why I’m is on a mission not only to save devices from landfill but to keep the cost down for you.
Fill out the form below and I will look over your device and provide you with a quote outlining what needs to be done and which components are required for the repair.

No repair is started without approval first.

To stop abuse of free estimates, the quote’s will only be free when you allow me to fix the device or the device cannot be fixed. Otherwise, a look over fee is £15.
While I try to be as thorough as possible with all estimates, I do not guarantee that my estimate is all-inclusive and final.

Some of the types of repair I do.

  • HDMI port
  • Power issue
  • Hard drive disk replacements
  • Accessory and controller repairs
  • Screen issue
  • Water damage
  • Upgrade hardware

Please bear in mind water damage repairs and prior repair attempts has a ***REPAIR ATTEMPT FEE***
If the device is fixable, I will deduct the £45 repair attempt fee from the cost of the repair and invoice you for the remaining amount for the repair, if any.
If it is not fixable, I let you know and return the device to you.

I cover a wide range of console repairs please make sure you put in the make/model

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Address is useful to us so we can know where you are for better quote.
Having a contact number will enable us to contact you after we looked at your item before we start repair.
Detailed explanation of issue
It better to know what type of Console we are fixing.
Please note any liquid damaged is subject to a repair attempt fee
This will enable us to use the account that already on the console for testing.